Various Small Flames
Feature in Bright Sparks Vol. 21
“Rusted and Raw” takes the emotion, fear and loneliness of the memoir and weaves it into a wistfully retro brand of indie rock–once again breathing human life into a story of suffering and perseverance.”

Spill Magazine
“Rusted and Raw” Video Music Premiere!

The Hook Journal
“Rose in the Rain” is “an emotional slow down, allowing you into Bleeder’s frame of mind.”

Band Blurb
“Bleeder is a sizzling debut.”
The album “makes its marks as one of the smartest collection of songwriting released in the last decade.”

Indie Music Reviews
It is “a recording that sparkles with genuine substance and moments of pure poetry.”
“Bleeder’s nine songs are a reminder in dark times of music’s transcendental power.”

Gashouse Radio
“This is one of the year’s best albums–from anyone.”
“Shelby Smoak’s songwriting, musicianship, and lyrics stand out in a crowded field of talent.”

Skope Mag
“This is a powerful rock and roll album with stylistic range and tremendous intelligence.”

Vents Magazine
“…each of the best songs on Bleeder has an individual quality yet an unity of artistic excellence.”

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