Bleeder is a Washington D.C. area indie-rock band with Shelby Smoak and Abner Jara. Bleeder’s debut release charted #117 on college radio and was in the Top 20 at over 30 college radio stations. The self-titled release also gained high praise from the media: “2017’s most memorable pieces of musical art” (Band Blurb); “one of the year’s most important releases” (Indie Music Reviews); and “one of the year’s best albums–from anyone” (Gashouse Radio). Bleeder’s current project. The Singles Series, is an ongoing release of video singles. The fourth single “Running” was recorded at Inner Ear Studio by Don Zientara (Fugazi, Foo Fighters) and is set for release Aug. 27.

Smoak is also a writer whose memoir Bleeder (MSU Press 2013), which chronicles his struggles with hemophilia and HIV, started the Bleeder projects. His book received national press attention, garnered him spots on TV and NPR, and won numerous awards, including a “Best of the Best” American Library Association award.

PHOTO: Lindsay Goats